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  A spark of the Creator is inside the soul of every Human. You need only to allow space and accept the light within yourselves to find the truth and love that resides within you.
Channeled to Helene Olsen from St. Germain

It is with profound honor that I thank the Late Helene Olsen (1957-2015) for her infinite wisdom as she lovingly mentored me during my vibrational shift and helped me to embrace these gifts rather than hide them. I am eternally grateful. SL

~ The Willow's Source embraces the energy of the universe and the Divine that is within all creatures. Stacey Lamar is an experienced healer that over time has developed an enhanced awareness and ability to connect with energies of those departed and the spiritual and Angelic realm. She is Reiki certified and through her mediumship is able to successfully guide those that seek assistance from their spirit guides and loved ones through a process of channeling and energy balancing. Negative energy can impair personal growth and influence body~mind~spirit. The tradition of Reiki has shown to improve overall well-being through vibrational healing.

The intention of The Willow's Source is to connect clients to the Divine spirit so they may discover their sacred self.

*Metaphysical and complementary services are not a substitute for traditional medical care.




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